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We got a 7 day pass and used almost all of the tickets within. If you're going to be there for that long, though, it's probably better to buy a metro card that you can top up as needed, rather than the single rides offered as an add-on to the pass. The metro makes you pay again each time you switch lines. Due to that, we blew through the 10-rides we'd prepurchased. In contrast the metro card only charges 2.30 lira on first 'leg' (instead of the cash price of 4 lira) and each additional leg (within a 2 hour transfer time) is discounted even a bit more. So we probably spent an extra 10USD on metro. Not a big deal but it would have been nicer to have the card and not have to worry about having lira on hand for the metro. specifics about the activities: The hop on bus and boat were great! Hard Rock burgers were very nice. As part of the Big Bus ticket you can also get a free coke/tea. The dinner cruise had great food but was a little long in the 'entertainment' portion for our preferences. We did not go to the whirling dervishes...seemed like a long time to sit and watch men spin. We enjoyed Hagia Sophia and Topkapi. They are not 'museums' really, but one travels to do and experience things out of the ordinary, right? =) The Hammam was great! We paid the extra for the scrub and massage. My hubby got scrubbed with vigor, I was scrubbed gently. The massages were pretty gentle. We both felt super squeeky clean afterwards. Highly recommended! Be prepared to tip, otherwise it would be very awkward, and they've seen you nakkid, so tip well ! Oh, and they give the ladies disposable panties, unlike all of the hammam reviews I'd read which advise bringing a pair to change into after. We had a half day on our last day, so went to the sealife aquarium (and popped into Ikea afterward...what can I say, there's no Ikea where we live!) which was a nice finish. The aquarium is laid out well, beautiful fish, and a really cool shark tunnel where you can get a very good look at the rows and rows of teeth that shark have as they swim over you. The metro goes directly from there to the airport so it was very streamlined. We had only with our backpacks and there was no bag check at the aquarium, so that might not work for everyone. Be aware that the Galata Tower (not in the pack, but on the big bus route) charges non-locals 25 lira, not 6.50. Great views from up there, and if you are hungry there's a restaurant and a cafe up there too. Guess that is about it. A wonderful trip and very nice people. They treat their street (stray) animals very well too, a sign of a great society. =)

Jen from Malta reviewed on the 2016-06-14

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