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Ok our first impression was the hotel transport, the experience was horrible, the drivers where not there in time, as we had to wait more than 1 hour after our flight arrived, when finally we found the person with our name, there were at least 3 more groups of people waiting for the drivers to arrive as well and no one explained what we were waiting for just told us to wait, we even had the impression that the transport was going to be as a group instead of individual transport, until I asked and they said "3 drivers are coming", when finally the drivers arrived, we had to walk to the Parking area with our luggage and wait a little more than 10 minutes until they finally picked us up. When we got in the van (just my party), the driver never confirmed the address to make sure we were being taken to the right place, I had to confirm with him, no AC was turned on as we spend the complete 45 minute trip extremely hot. Finally when we "arrive" at our apartment, apparently he pass by the house about a block away and so we whould not have to drive back just let us off there and we had to walk to our building carrying our luggage. Ok, we said, since this is a third party they hire, we said lets give it another shot. Next day when tour started we took the Hagia Sophia to start, this was the bright light of the pass, our guide "John" was extraordinary knowledgeable, respectful and very patient, this was definitely the best thing of the tour, my only feedback is that the times between one tour and another are too tight and we could not take another until the next day, becase the time for own time is just like 10 minutes then you have to rush back so you can connect with the other tour, unfortunately we did not make it and had to go into the blue mosque alone. Now for the worst part, the boat dinner tour, we reserved and the information said we had to be there before 8pm as we did, it was still 9:22pm and the boat did not leave the dock and was still sitting people, we were under the impression they tried to get the boat full before leaving dock as they were still selling, around 8:45pm we asked when does the boat leave and the answer was in 15 minutes, the boat right next to us sailed off around 8:50pm; we were hot, no drinks were served and it is an uncomfortable feeling as the boat is still and moving from side to side gets you dizzy, aside from the extremely loud local music that was put on were were getting a huge headache, around 9:05 we asked when will the boat leave (there were still empty seats and trying to sit people on) and again the answer was in 15 minutes, at 9:20 we asked again and they said 10 more minutes, when we decided it was enough BS and informed we were getting off the boat and left. This was one of the worst experiences we have had on any country and any tour. The tour guides and pass itself as the "Istanbul tourist pass" was really good even-though unfortunately tours are really to tight and it is hard to connect with the other tours if you really enjoy alone time after the tour and explanation is done, but the third parties they hire (boat cruise dinner and airport transportation) was a mess. The bright lights of the complete packages are the tours themselves and the WhatsApp help you receive, this was really a great service they provided, since there is always someone available to help on any questions you may have and are ver curtious. All in all, this is a no no for me on any other country I visit.

Samuel Ramirez Garip from Dominican Republic reviewed on the 2019-08-12

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Reply from Istanbul Tourist Pass

Dear Samuel,
We feel deeply sorry to learn that you faced such problems with our partner companies and we offer you our most sincere apologies for the inconveniences. We completely agree that what happened to you was outside their and our terms of service. Please allow us some time to be able to find out why that happened so we can update you.
As you may know, this week is a long Holiday in Turkey, so we may not be able to get a reply until next week. Even though it will take us a while, your case won't be forgotten.

Kind regards,
Istanbul Tourist Pass Team