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About IstanbulKart - Istanbul Transportation Card for Locals

Welcome to Istanbul, the enchanting metropolis that straddles the divide between Europe and Asia, where the echoes of a glorious past intertwine with the rhythm of a vibrant present. This ancient city, with its rich history spanning over millennia, beckons you to embark on an unforgettable journey through its timeless wonders.

We'll delve into the heart of Istanbul's public transportation system, exploring the two primary options available for traversing this vast metropolis: the renowned Istanbulkart and the all-new Istanbul City Card. These cards hold the power to unlock the city's treasures, offering seamless access to its diverse array of public transportation options. But first, let’s discover the best way to have more Istanbul for less!

Unlock the treasures of Istanbul with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, your gateway to over 100 remarkable attractions and services. Whether you're exploring ancient wonders, savoring Turkish delights, or cruising the Bosphorus, this all-in-one pass ensures an unforgettable journey filled with ease and savings. Embrace the freedom to experience Istanbul's beauty and culture at your own pace, all with the convenience of a single digital pass. Discover the city's hidden gems and embrace the enchanting charm of Istanbul with this exclusive travel companion.


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What is an IstanbulKart? Best Option for Locals and Expats

Istanbul, the vibrant metropolis that bridges two continents, offers an array of transportation options to explore its rich history, culture, and landmarks. Among the most cost-effective and convenient ways to get around the city is through the Istanbulkart – the Istanbul Transportation Card. This prepaid card allows both locals and tourists to access all public transportation lines and vehicle types within the city. Operated by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Istanbulkart has become a popular choice for urban transportation. But choose Istanbulkart if you are in the city for more than 15 days, and not planning to travel much. Because a touristy tour can be really pricey!

The advantages of using Istanbulkart are manifold. Firstly, it saves time and eliminates the need for carrying multiple cards, tickets, or tokens, as one card grants access to all modes of public transport. The prepaid nature of the card allows users to load it with their desired amount, and they can pay as they go without the hassle of dealing with cash or waiting in long lines to top up. Topping up the Istanbulkart takes only a few seconds at various locations throughout the city, such as metro stations, corner shops, and kiosks.

Moreover, the Istanbulkart offers budget-friendly travel options if you plan to stay longer, making it a wise choice for exploring the vast city without breaking the bank. The card provides discounted transfer fees for up to five transfers made within two hours, helping travelers save a considerable amount when traveling through multiple routes.

So, where to buy Istanbulkart? If you are planning to buy an Istanbulkart, you can easily buy from the vending machines in the metro stations.I your have questions like how much does Istanbulkart cost, then the answer by August 2023, the card itself costs 50 TL. When it comes to Istanbulkart how to use is very easy, just put your Istanbulkart close to the machines on buses or metro turnstiles. You can also use Istanbulkart online with Istanbulkart App which is available both on Google Play Store and IOS App Store. 

How to Buy Istanbulkart

To acquire an Istanbulkart, visitors can purchase one from Biletmatik machines at Istanbul Airport or from various locations within the city, such as the metro, tram, Metrobus, and ferry stations. Additionally, kiosks and stores near these stations also offer the card for quick and easy access to public transport.

Unlimited Istanbul Transportation Card Only for Tourists!

For travelers coming from other countries, an alternative option to consider is the Istanbul City Card. Offered exclusively to tourists, this prepaid card provides unlimited access to all public transportation vehicles, including metros, trams, buses, metrobuses, and ferries, for the duration chosen by the traveler. Delivered at their hotel by Istanbul Tourist Pass®, the beautifully designed physical card serves as a souvenir after use.

Unlike the Istanbulkart, the Istanbul City Card does not require personalization, making it a convenient option for tourists. It offers up to 40% savings when purchased together with the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, which also provides access to over 100 top attractions in the city.

The Istanbulkart and the Istanbul City Card are both valuable options for navigating the bustling city of Istanbul. Whether travelers prefer the convenience of the versatile Istanbulkart or the unlimited access provided by the Istanbul City Card, both offer cost-effective and efficient means of transportation for an unforgettable journey through the captivating city of Istanbul.

Choose Unlimited Transportation All-Around Istanbul!

Experience Istanbul like never before with the Istanbul City Card – the ultimate companion for tourists seeking unlimited access to public transportation! Discover the city's wonders with unparalleled ease, convenience, and savings that only the Istanbul City Card can offer.

Unlike the Istanbulkart, which caters to both locals and long-term visitors, the Istanbul City Card is exclusively designed for tourists, making it the ideal choice for visitors looking to explore Istanbul's iconic attractions. With this prepaid card, you can hop on and off metros, trams, buses, metrobuses, and ferries without any limitations throughout your chosen duration – 3, 5, 7, or even 15 days!

Experience the seamless and user-friendly convenience of the Istanbul City Card. No need to personalize or go through the hassle of topping up. Your card will be delivered directly to your hotel by Istanbul Tourist Pass®, ensuring a stress-free start to your adventure in Istanbul. Simply activate your card and embark on a journey through this magnificent city without any constraints.

What sets the Istanbul City Card apart is the unbeatable value it brings to your trip. Save up to 40% when you purchase the Istanbul City Card alongside the Istanbul Tourist Pass®, granting you access to over 100 top attractions in Istanbul. Embrace the city's history, culture, and breathtaking sights without worrying about individual ticket costs or making multiple purchases. It's the all-in-one solution to unlock the best Istanbul has to offer!

Check Istanbul City Card Price: 


€ 30
€ 35
€ 50
€ 70
€ 80
€ 110


Moreover, the Istanbul City Card features a collection of stunning designs, each symbolizing a unique aspect of Istanbul's charm. Keep your card as a cherished souvenir, forever reminding you of the wonderful memories made during your journey.

In a city as diverse and sprawling as Istanbul, where every corner boasts a new adventure, the Istanbul City Card empowers you to explore without constraints. Say goodbye to the hassle of calculating fares or dealing with separate cards. Embrace the freedom to roam and uncover the city's hidden gems, experience its vibrant culture, and immerse yourself in its timeless beauty.

Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, the Istanbul City Card is the ultimate key to unlocking the heart and soul of this enchanting city. Embrace the unlimited access, the convenience, and the savings it brings, and embark on an unforgettable journey through Istanbul like never before.

Choose the Istanbul City Card, and let the city's wonders unfold at your feet – a journey of a lifetime awaits! Get your Istanbul City Card now and embrace the true spirit of Istanbul!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get the Istanbul City Card?

You can easily obtain the Istanbul City Card by purchasing it online through our website. Once ordered, the card will be delivered directly to your hotel.

What does the Istanbul City Card offer?

The Istanbul City Card provides unlimited access to all public transportation vehicles, including metro, trams, buses, metrobuses, and ferries, for the number of days you choose.

Can I use the Istanbul City Card for minibuses?

While the Istanbul City Card is valid for most public transportation vehicles, it cannot be used for minibuses, as they still require cash payment.

Is the Istanbul City Card personalized?

No, the Istanbul City Card does not require any personalization. It can be used anonymously without linking it to your personal information.

Can I keep the Istanbul City Card as a souvenir after my trip?

Absolutely! The beautifully designed physical card can be kept as a cherished souvenir of your time in Istanbul after you've used it for your travels.

How long does the Istanbul City Card remain valid?

The validity period of the Istanbul City Card is based on the number of days you select at the time of purchase. It offers unlimited travel for the specified duration.

Are there different designs of the Istanbul City Card?

Yes, the Istanbul City Card comes in six unique designs, each featuring a symbol of Istanbul. The designs are randomly delivered, giving you the chance to collect them all during future visits.

Is the Istanbul City Card cost-effective for tourists?

Absolutely! As one of the most affordable and efficient ways to explore Istanbul, the City Card allows tourists to make the most of their time and budget while experiencing the city's rich culture and attractions.

What should I do if my Istanbul City Card is lost or stolen?

To ensure the security of your card, please treat it like cash. Unfortunately, if it is lost or stolen, we won't be able to provide a replacement. Be sure to keep it safe during your travels.

Can I use the Istanbul City Card for multiple trips within the same day?

Yes, the Istanbul City Card allows unlimited trips within its validity period. You can use it for multiple journeys on the same day without any additional charges.

Travel aroud Istanbul freely with Public Transportation Card
Buy Your Card Now Buy & Save 40% with Istanbul Tourist Pass® with FREE Digital Public Transportation Guide

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