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Heaven On Earth: Sapanca


Take a day off, and visit Sapanca Lake and Maşukiye to get away from the hustle and bustle of Istanbul. Visiting Sapanca, a tiny village near Istanbul renowned for its natural beauty, is a popular tourist destination. Visit Sapanca to discover Istanbul's natural beauty! Sapanca Lake is a gem of the region and one of Turkey's most well-known lakes. Maşukiye is also known for its breathtaking natural beauty and nearby river. The name 'Maşukiye' derives from the Arabic word for 'love,' and it is one of Turkey's most popular honeymoon destinations. We'll next go to Mahmudiye, where we'll have lunch beside the waterfalls. 

You'll be able to appreciate the stunning landscape completely and inhale the crisp rural air. After lunch, we'll go shopping at the Mall of Symbol in Kocaeli/Izmit and visit one of the local Turkish delight and honey producers. This is the greatest attraction, particularly for nature lovers! 


Why Should You Visit Sapanca?


If you visit Sapanca Lake, with one of Sakarya's most stunning scenery, you'll see one of Turkey's most important wetland ecosystems. Sapanca Lake, in Turkey's Marmara area, is a popular tourist destination owing to its proximity to Istanbul. Lake Sapanca is a must-see location with its numerous lakefront amenities and stunning landscape. 

The region offers a variety of activities for all seasons: On and off the lake, with lodging options ranging from camping to luxury spas and resorts. It's the perfect spot for a delectable village breakfast and fresh salmon trout, as well as natural wonders, fresh air, and beautiful scenery. Lake Sapanca is a must-visit location for anyone looking to escape the stress of city life and congestion, thanks to its lush forest, stunning scenery, and pure air. 

The wide range of natural features that Masukiye offers makes it a distinctive destination for visitors and residents alike. Tiny hills, woods, and rivers surround the whole hamlet. The air you breathe is pure and fresh, and that alone distinguishes this location for frequent tourists. If your daily Sapanca trip didn't satisfy your curiosity, pay a visit to Xtreme Aventures Istanbul. This location in Maslak offers a vast woodland area with numerous parkour and challenge courses suitable for both children and adults. These adrenaline-pumping courses will let you climb, run, leap, and zipline through trees with your friends or family. 


Natural Activities in Istanbul


Another excellent option is Istanbul's, Jungle Park. Visitors may see nearly 400 animals from over 100 species. Some of these species are on the brink of extinction, but Jungle Park is working to save them. There are a variety of animals to find here, ranging from gigantic spiders and towering scorpions to unusual fish and reptiles. 

If you are looking for another get away from Istanbul, a day trip to Bursa may be a good option. This city has initially been the Ottoman Empire's first capital, and it still has numerous cultural and historical monuments for you to see. The renowned Grand Mosque, the Green Tomb, and the Bursa Silk Market will all be visited. Then, from 800 meters up the Uludag Mountain, you'll take a cable car up to the Uludag Mountain and have a delicious Turkish lunch. Not only that, but despite its bustling city life, Bursa has managed to maintain a close relationship with nature so that you may visit the city's numerous picnic spots, rivers, and natural parks.