Galataport Istanbul

Istanbul is a great destination for shopping besides its many other riches. Historically the shopping ecosystem of Istanbul has been always vibrant and colourful. The magnificent Grand Bazaar, one-of-a-kind Spice Bazaar, small street shops or huge shopping malls spread all over the city; are all parts of the great shopping culture of Istanbul. 

Galataport İstanbul is a newcomer to this spirited atmosphere and it is highly welcomed by both locals and tourists. Aside from its shopping centre identity, İstanbul Galataport is also an awarded cruise port with various restaurants & bars. It also has the mission to be an arts & culture centre by hosting 2 important museums. Let's have a closer look at Galataport together. 


Where is Galataport?


Galataport Istanbul is located in Karaköy, right across and within close proximity of the old town. It is also within a walking distance from both Beşiktaş and Taksim, if you like long walks.

By using public transport; T1 Trams and all the busses heading to Karaköy are alternatives. Galataport is also close to Karakoy Pier so getting there by ferry or sea taxi is also an option. 

You can check the location here: Location on the map 


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Stores in Galataport

Galataport hosts many stores from apparel to jewellery. We picked some of them for you not to miss! 

Designer Market


In this store, you can find many different products from various designers from all over the world. Design Market has a unique mission; they provide a market for independent designers who normally you may never discover! Everything you find there will be one of a kind. It is a great must-to-stop-by while you are at Galataport!

ARZYU by Arzu Kaprol


Famous Turkish fashion designer Arzu Kaprol opened a store in Galataport to present her ARZYU collection. Beyond fashion, you will find great Turkish fabrics and extraordinary Anatolia-inspired designs by Arzu Kaprol in this store. Don't forget to stop by and touch its soft cotton fabrics!


Tartine Et Chocolat


Founded in the 1970s, the French children's fashion brand Tartine Et Chocolat is one of the leading designer brands in the market. It is famous for its Ptisenbon and coats for kids. For your kids or your loved ones', you will find quality gifts in this store. 




American cosmetic company Kiehl's is famous for its special skin, hair, and body care products. The best thing about Kiehl's is that you can try their products in the store and you will be led by their well-educated staff. You will definitely feel special while trying their quality skincare products!




G-SHOCK is known as the watch that brought the concept of toughness to the timepiece. To buy their amazingly tough watches and explore new series, now they have a store in Istanbul Galataport. You can try watches and imagine scenarios in which they might be broken- they will probably not. 


What to eat in Galatport İstanbul?

There are plenty of eateries in Galataport. If you need to refill your energy during shopping here are some places we picked with good food and good service




Baylan is an inseparable part of Istanbul's culture. Since 1923, Baylan has been serving its great pastries, cakes and many other goodies. It is great for a coffee or tea break. Try their most famous Kup Griye and Truffle Cake with your coffee. In Baylan Galataport they also serve lunch or dinner menus. Great place to feel quality coming from the past, don't miss it.