Beşiktaş Football Club Museum

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The Beşiktaş JK Museum is located inside the Vodafone Park that is the shrine of the Beşiktaş football team.  The museum is the largest and the first offical sport & 100% disabled friendly museum of Turkey with an area of 1650 m2.  You can find the presentation about the chronological history of the Beşiktaş at the upper floor. There are hundreds of unparalleled sport articles, medals, jerseys, trophies, phothos and videos  at the lower floor that is the exhibition hall called All about the Beşiktaş JK's glorious history of 116 years. The museum offers an interactive experience with modern technology included imaginary tricks, improved real applications, digital kiosks and maps with over 50 digital applications. There is an interactive learning area with the games through the presentation and activity zone for the children. You will have a memorable experience in this high-tech museum with the unforgettable prowess of the Beşiktaş.