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5 Luxury Restaurants in Istanbul

Well-established, fine, and luxury restaurants in Istanbul serve a wide variety of Turkish cuisine. Istanbul also has a diverse variety of world cuisines to sell, including the Mediterranean, Japanese, Italian, French, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Thai cuisine. Istanbul has a diverse variety of high-quality restaurants in each of its districts and neighborhoods.

Of course, it is impossible to name all of Istanbul's hundreds of world-class and high-quality restaurants here, but we compiled a list of the best restaurants in Istanbul for you based on their popularity, world-class service, and inclusion on a number of the world's best restaurants lists. Visit Istanbul to eat the best Turkish food and international cuisines!

Calipso Fish Restaurant

Calipso Fish Restaurant is an excellent seafood restaurant located on the Asian side of Istanbul’s Kucukyali coastal road. Its partners have 30 years of Seafood Gastronomy experience. The restaurant is renowned for its distinct flavors, which include finely prepared Aegean herbs, cold and hot appetizers, carefully selected seafood, fish specials, and sauced seashells, as well as wonderful dessert and wine offerings. Calipso Fish has earned “The Best 50 Restaurant Oscars” awards from food lovers and gourmet masters in its first year of operation.

Ulus 29

Ulus 29, which opened in 1993, is the ideal location to view the Bosphorus and Istanbul bridges from the restaurant's terraces in the summer. Ulus 29 focuses on gastronomic techniques along with conventional cooking approaches in order to provide regional cuisine with seasonal freshness. For an authentic experience when looking for where to eat in Istanbul, the restaurant makes its own dry-aged meats, ice cream, and pasta. Choose from gastronomy-focused meals, traditional Turkish food, or sushi. Labels are included in a wine catalog of about 4,500 bottles. On weekends, enjoy drinks at Teras Bar or a fun evening at Ulus Club 29 to dance along to foreign DJs.

360 Istanbul Restaurant

360 Istanbul is a well-known roof-top restaurant, pub, and nightclub situated in a 19th-century apartment building overlooking the old embassy row in Beyoglu on Istiklal Street. It has breathtaking 360-degree views of Istanbul. 360 is available for lunch and dinner and offers a contemporary Turkish meze fusion of traditional Turkish cuisine and foreign cuisine, as well as an exclusive wine range. Many of the main courses are our own creations, combining Turkish and foreign flavors, and are complemented by an ingeniously designed and detailed wine and dessert menu.

Banyan Restaurant

With Istanbul being between Eastern and Western influences, Banyan's slogan of "food for the soul" perfectly defines the Asian fusion cuisine it offers. Healthy Asian-inspired food is served on the top floor of a landmark hotel, with stunning views of the city below. Sichuan pepper steak, duck satay, and dim sum are only a couple of the dishes available to order with tea, fresh juice, or a cocktail. If dining inside or outside, the lights of Istanbul would dazzle you from this local favorite.

Beyti Restaurant in Florya

Beyti is a well-known meat restaurant with a contemporary architectural theme, situated in the Florya suburban neighborhood near Istanbul Ataturk Airport at Istanbul's Bakirkoy district. Mr. Beyti Guler owns Beyti and is likely one of the first chefs in Turkey to give his name to a meat dish, as “Beyti” is a rare meat dish. Beyti works in ten dining rooms and three terraces, all of which are decorated in Ottoman Turkish style. Beyti Restaurant is one of the best places in Turkey to get excellent chicken.

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