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They are waiting to ripe you off through dealing with untrustable companies. The transportation company (Progo) is the worst ever. They are a fraud trying to ripe all the money out of you despite all what you have paid already through the pass or the extra 20 euro, This has ruined all the experience, I have entered all the required informations in the pass and made the reservation providing my flight details and timing, they decided to come and pick me up 16 hours earlier instead of 4 hours, ofcourse I went back to sleep and arranged another taxi 4 hours before my flight with my own money and not through the pass. The internet wifi package should be valid as per the pass but to get more money they made it for 3 days only then they force you to extend each day with 6 euros. Many places are just a fraud and waste of time during your visit. The trips along the bosphorus by boats are similar with no difference (3 to 4) trips, instead they could have provided istanbul pass card for transportation to be a able to move around easily. Many things are not valid in the pass and fake as the craft and other guided tours which are offered with no guide. Places are far away from each other. No guided plans for each day on how to go through the pass attraction. They are very aware you won't be able to go through all the attraction, it's just a marketing fraud. I couldn't make the dervish show due to traffic and rain coming back from another attraction. I almost lost the bosphorus dinner due to the princess island trip which took around one and half hour going, and another one and a half hour coming back which left me with 10 minutes only on the middle island as the return boat was in 10 min. Or in 1 hour. We chose to take the earlier to avoid delays. It made the trip stressful and not enjoyable at all. I have requested assistance but they weren't helpful at all. I have requested refund for unused items they haven't come back to me. A piece of advice avoid this company and manag the trip by yourself or through trustable and respectable company.

Fady Ghali from United Arab Emirates reviewed on the 2019-07-15

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Reply from Istanbul Tourist Pass®

We are very sorry to hear that you had a negative experience with us. We always try to achieve highest possible satisfaction, but unfortunately sometimes we fall short of the expectation of some of our customers.

It looks like there was an hour format confusion on your reservation. I will let our Product team know so they make sure customers see more clearly the time they choose and no other guest goes through the same negative experience.

As per the mobile internet, we are sorry to hear that you felt like you were forced to pay additional fees. We try our best to communicate that the internet service is for 3 days and extra days are optional. We’d like to get further insights from you on what made you feel this way so we can take appropriate acton.

Best regards,
Istanbul Toursit Pass Team