Fenerbahçe Stadium and Museum (Guided Tour) NOT AVAILABLE

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Live the passion of Turkish soccer with one of our most iconic teams, Fenerbahçe Sports Club! 

Visit private areas of the Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium and Sports Complex, learn about the legendary history of this successful soccer team and enjoy an unbelievable experience that other fans only dream of! On the guided tour, you will visit the Fenerbahçe and visitor locker rooms, the live broadcasting room, the soccer field and more!

What's Included?

An amazing tour through the stadium and the museum is included with Istanbul Tourist Pass on days when there are no soccer matches or training sessions held in the stadium. 

The guided tour is in Turkish, but you can rent audio-guides at the stadium. No reservation is required in advance.

Click here to find the available dates for the next 2 weeks.

About The Fenerbahçe Stadium and Museum (Guided Tour) NOT AVAILABLE

Hours & Meeting

Every day at 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, 15:15, 16:30, 17:45, except on the dates mentioned in the Remember section. Click here to find the available dates for the next 2 weeks.

How To Get There?

The Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracoğlu Stadium is located within walking distance of the Soğutluçeşme Metrobus station which is on the Asian side of Istanbul. 

Leave the Soğutluçeşme Metrobus station and turn left, then turn left again at the first street, as if you were going to enter the metrobus station again, then turn right and cross under the bridge. Walk until you find the underground passage entrance, go in and cross to the other side. The stadium should be located approximately 150 meters (160 yards) to your left.

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Important Information

  • No reservation is required; just go to the ticketing counter of the museum located in the stadium present your digital Pass and mention that you want to attend the tour.
  • The guided tours are only performed in Turkish.
  • Audio-guides are not included with the Pass.
  • The tours are not available on days when there are soccer matches or practices in the stadium, special events, the first day of religious holidays and the 1st of January. In this page you can find the available dates for this and the next week.

Fenerbahçe Stadium and Museum (Guided Tour) NOT AVAILABLE NOT AVAILABLE

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All About Fenerbahçe Stadium and Museum (Guided Tour) NOT AVAILABLE

One of the largest and most successful football teams in Turkey, Fenerbahce has a huge fan base in the country and quite a bit of popularity in Europe. Their home is the famous Istanbul district Kadikoy, which also houses their stadium, Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu. If you are interested in football and want to discover one of Turkey’s biggest football teams’ stadiums along with their history, you can visit the stadium and its museum during your Istanbul tourist trip. Before doing so, here is everything you should know about the place.

A Brief History of Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Stadium and Museum

The area that the stadium stands on today was first known as Papazin Cayiri (Literally translated as “the field of the priest”) at

the start of the 20th century. Many of the English and Greek men used to play football here. After the Istanbul Football League was founded in 1904, the first games of the league were played here. In a couple of years, it became obvious that the field wasn’t adequate, so it was leased from the Ottomans for 30 gold pounds a year by the Union Club in 1908 for the construction of a regular football field. The total cost of the construction was around 3,000 Ottoman gold pounds. It got named Union Club Field and housed many matches of the biggest teams of the time, including Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Galatasaray.

But the matches did not bring the revenue its owners hoped for. In 1915, the Union Club was transformed into Ittihat Spor, which also became the name of the stadium. It still hosted many important football matches until Taksim Stadium was opened in 1924. After this, the stadium gradually lost its importance until it was sold to the government in 1929 with the efforts of Sukru Saracoglu (who was the Minister of Finance during those years and became the president of Fenerbahce between 1934 and 1950 and holds a significant place in the history of the club) and leased to Fenerbahce. For the next 3 years, the stadium saw some repairs and additions such as new tribunes. In 1933, the stadium was sold to Fenerbahce for 9,000 Turkish Liras. With this, its name was changed to Fenerbahce Stadium and Fenerbahce became the first football club in Turkey to ever have its own stadium. In 1949, the stadium was restored again and its capacity was increased to 25,000 viewers, making it the largest football stadium of those years, even larger than Besiktas stadium BJK Inonu.

During the next couple of years, it lost its renowned state again and was destroyed in 1965. It was opened again in 1982 with a capacity of 32,000 viewers and high tribunes. A lighting system was implemented in 1993, allowing for night matches. It was leased to Fenerbahce again for 49 years in 1998 by the General Directorate of Youth and Sports and named Sukru Saracoglu Stadium. The stadium saw its last renovations in 1999 with some additions and capacity enhancements. These renovations ended in 2006 with the final capacity being 50,509 viewers and it became the Sukru Saracoglu Stadium as we know today. In 2015, under a contract signed with Yildiz Holding, the stadium’s name was changed to Ulker Stadium Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Sports Complex. 

Ulker Fenerbahce Stadium Technical Specifications

Ulker Fenerbahce Stadium is one of the biggest football stadiums in Turkey with a capacity of 50.509 people. It was designed by the A&Z Aksu Architecture and its estimated cost is around 70 million Euros. The four tribunes it has are the Migros Tribune, the Turk Telekom Tribune, the Maraton Tribune and the Fenerium Tribune. It has 100 VIP lounges and natural grass is used on the field. The field is 105 x 68 meters big and the stadium’s parking lot can house 10 buses and 1000 cars.

Fenerbahce Stadium and Museum Tour

If you want to witness the grand history of Fenerbahce and see its huge stadium, you can now book a Fenerbahce Legend Stadium and Museum Tour. You can visit the press tribune, both dressing rooms, bench, press lounge and press conference room.
The tour also includes a museum visit with a guide. You get to see many significant parts of the history of the club, which played a huge role in football’s development in Turkey.
You can either buy the tickets online or from the ticket booth in the stadium. It is open every day except match days, the first days of religious holidays and the 1st of January. There are 5 tours each day, which are on 10.30 AM, 12 PM, 2 PM, 03:15 PM and 04:30 PM. Fenerbahce Stadium Tour ticket prices are 45 Turkish Liras for adults, 30 Turkish Liras for children between 7-14, students, teachers, privates and elders over 65. Entrance is free for children between 0-6, yellow press card owners, disabled people along with 1 companion and close relatives of veterans and martyrs.
To be able to watch a game on the Ulker Stadium Fenerbahce Sukru Saracoglu Sports Complex, you need to own a Passolig card just like the rest of the stadiums in Turkey. You can buy the tickets from the ticket booths in the stadium, but because of the big number of the fans of the club, the tickets may get sold out, so we recommend buying them online if you can.

Where is Fenerbahce Stadium and Museum?

Because of the stadium’s central location on Kadikoy, the transportation process is pretty easy. The easiest method of transportation would be using the Marmaray or the metrobuses to reach Sogutlucesme since it is the closest and most known stop near the stadium.
If you are near the M1A Yenikapi - Ataturk Airport, M1B Yenikapi – Kirazli or M2 Yenikapi – Haciosman metro lines, you can use them to get to the Yenikapi. From there, transfer to Marmaray. With the latest big additions to the Marmaray, you can now use it to get to the Sogutlucesme station. From there, it is around a 5 to 10-minute walk to the Fenerbahce Ulker Stadium.
Alternatively, you can use the 34A, 34AS, 34G and 34Z metrobus lines to reach the Sogutlucesme station. If not, there are more than 30 buses that also stop by the Sogutlucesme such as 20K, 19F, 8A, 4, 14B, 14ES, 20K, GZ2 and 17.



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