Dialogue in the Silence

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Try something different and support social inclusion with this unique experience!

Can you imagine living in a world of total silence? How would you interact with your environment? How would you communicate with others? How would they communicate with you?

Dialogue in the Dark is a wonderful social project that has been performed in many cities around the world for several years. It aims to teach us to change our misconceptions and negative attitudes towards deaf people by allowing us to experience many of their daily challenges and empathise with them.

In Dialogue in the Silence, deaf professional guides will lead you through specially built quiet rooms where you will interact with your environment without being able to hear and without speaking. Try using your other senses and see how you go! You don't need to make a reservation so why not try today!

Dialogue in the Silence is free with Istanbul Tourist Pass®

Regular Price € 9

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Hours & Schedule

MON-SAT: Every hour from 10:30 to 19:30.

SUN: Every hour from 12:30 to 19:30
The duration is approximately 1 hour.

How To Get There?

You can get to Dialogue in the Silence by metro, getting off at the Gayrettepe station. It is located in the first underground floor of the metro station.

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  • Dialogue in the Silence doesn’t require a reservation in advance. Just present your digital Pass at the ticketing counter to get access.
  • For security reasons, children under the age of 7 are not allowed in by the venue.

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Prepare for a unique experience that you will carry with you your entire life. This attraction will change the course of your Istanbul visit. Some situations, even though we try so hard to understand them, are unfamiliar to us. Only way to learn them is to encounter them. Dialogue Museum aims to remove the imaginary wall we have towards living with disabilities. Dialogue in Silence was opened in Paris on 2003 for the first time. On 2016, it was established in Istanbul as well and it continues to change people’s lives ever since. The purpose of the museum is to eliminate the visitors’ prejudices about themselves and about their environment while teaching them how to effectively use the body language for healthy communication. We assume that you are already excited about your Dialogue in Silence experience. Let’s learn about the details.


In Dialogue in Silence experience, with the help of a hearing impaired guide you will try to communicate in a completely silent room. In this museum your only guide are facial expressions and hand gestures. It is guaranteed that you will have the strangest yet the most beautiful experience of your life in the Dialogue Museum. If this is your first time in Istanbul, you will have so many must-see places to visit. It might be a little bit hard to plan your journey. However, you should definitely include Dialogue in Silence museum to your must-see places in Istanbul list. Dialogue in the Dark is also inside the Dialogue Museum and provides you a tour in Istanbul without being able to see anything. Dialogue in the Dark aims to raise the level of empathy towards the visually impaired people and put yourself in their situation.

There you will have a blind guide who will lead you through inside completely dark rooms that are designed to resemble Istanbul. It is also an unusual but life-changing experience. Where is Dialogue in Silence Istanbul? Both museums are located at the same place which is Gayrettepe metro station. Gayrettepe Station is a stop of M2 Yenikapi-Haciosman metro line. If you wish to know how to get to Dialogue in Silence Istanbul, here is your tip. M2 metro line is a very comprehensive one that passes through the most central locations of Istanbul like Taksim or Levent.

If you take the metro, you should take off at Gayrettepe station and walk upwards. You will reach the museum right before you leave the subway. If you are not coming from the European side or you are travelling with Metrobus on the European side, you should take off from the Metrobus at Zincirlikuyu station. Zincirlikuyu is included on all the metrobus lines. You can follow the signs to the subway station and find the museum underground. The opening hours for Dialogue in Silence are as follows; 10.30 AM to 19.30 PM on weekdays, 10.30 AM to 19.00 PM on Saturdays, 12.30 PM to 19.00 PM on Sundays. The visitors are requested to be present at the museum 15 minutes before their assigned time. The experience takes about an hour. No electronic devices, or anything that tends to make noises are not allowed inside the museum but there are lockers to protect the items you cannot take with you.


Gayrettepe metro station is a very central one, you can reach almost anywhere you like from there. There are things to do around Dialogue in Silence Istanbul if want to stay in the neighbourhood as well. For example, Zorlu Performance Hall and shopping centre is right there. You can walk along the subway following the signs to Zorlu and reach there in five minutes. Zorlu Centre is a very nice place for shopping, especially if you want to shop from rather posh brands. It is a great place for good meals. There are several popular restaurants and cafés as well as fast food chains. After your soul feeding, life changing experience at the Dialogue Museum, may be you can take a small coffee break at Zorlu. If you plan your day quite in detail you might even end up in a concert or a musical staged at Zorlu Performance Hall.

There are many events like concerts, parties, musicals, theatre plays there in Turkish and in English. You can check for schedule online and buy your ticket in advance. Going to Taksim from Dialogue in Silence is also very easy. All you need to do is take the M2 Metro line and take off at Taksim station. Taksim and Beyoglu region is the most popular neighbourhood of Istanbul. It is one of the most historic, the most animated and the most entertaining region.

You can shop at the Passages, eat Turkish traditional dishes, see beautiful St. Anthony of Padua Church, maybe take a ride on Taksim Tunnel. On Istiklal Street, Museum of Illusions Istanbul is now trending. There you will see more than sixty illusions that are challenging your perception. The highlight is that you can take interesting pictures with your friends that will make you laugh.

On Istiklal Street there is also Madame Tussauds Istanbul. Yes, the Madame Tussauds. The museum has branches all around the globe and recently one was opened on Istanbul. There as you must know are wax figures of celebrities and icons of the world for you to take a picture with. If you walk along the Istiklal Street, you will not only experience the core of Istanbul but you will reach the incredible Galata neighbourhood. There you can go to Pera Museum which is the leading art museums of Istanbul. It has three permanent collections, besides exhibits new collections regularly. What is even more exciting about Galata is that you can climb up the Galata Tower and see where the legendary attempt of flying without a vehicle has taken place. From Galata Tower you will see Istanbul from the perfect angle and make the most of your trip to Istanbul.