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Try something different and support social inclusion with this unique experience!

Dialogue in the Silence is a noteworthy project that has been performed for many years in cities throughout the world. Its purpose is to help us move past our biases and negative attitudes toward deaf people by allowing us to experience and empathize with many of their everyday problems.

Professional deaf guides will lead you through specially created quiet rooms where you can interact with your surroundings without hearing or speaking. Experiment with your other senses to see how you do. This life-changing event is within reach with the Istanbul Tourist Pass.

About The Dialogue in the Silence Experience

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Duration - 1 hour

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Get ready to live themost extraordinary experiences of your life.

Explore the exhibit which guided by hearing-impaired guides who are experts in nonverbal communication.

Be amazed by this unique experience and feel the fine art!



Entry to Dialogue in the Silence 

Dialogue in the Silence 

Have you ever wished you could communicate without words and express yourself in a whole new way? Dialogue in the Silence takes place in an entirely soundproof environment allowing you to do exactly that. Participants discover a repertoire of non-verbal expressions with the help of hearing-impaired guides and trainers.

Dialogue in the Silence is an interactive tourist attraction based in the center of Istanbul’s European continent: Gayrettepe. Located inside the Gayrettepe metro station, it is a fun place where you can spend time exploring the world of hearing-impaired people.

The essential feature of Dialogue in the Silence is that you will discover nonverbal communication in a completely silent environment. The exhibition is set up in a particular area for this purpose. This exhibition sharpens your awareness and your ability to empathize with the disabled. Dialogue in the Silence will make sure you will have one of the most extraordinary experiences of your life.

Hearing-impaired guides, the experts in nonverbal communication, will lead you through the exhibit. Participants wear noise-canceling headphones and immerse themselves in a world of silence. This is a way to discover your powers of concentration, observation, and expression and experience a sense of liberation. Visitors will learn how to communicate with each other, not through sounds or voices, but body language and other means. Regardless of your native language, you will be able to communicate with others more deeply than you can imagine.

Dialogue in the Silence is not an installation that simulates deafness - quite the opposite. It serves as a platform for encounters between hearing and non-hearing people and promotes overcoming barriers between "us" and "them."

You can also visit Dialogue in the Dark for a similar experience with the Istanbul Tourist Pass, which offers privileges such as free entry and skipping the ticket lines. 'Dialogue in the Silence' and 'Dialogue in the Dark' are famous tourist attractions for locals and travelers alike to spend an incredible time extending their vision.

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Hours & Meeting

MON-SAT: Every hour from 10:30 to 19:30.

SUN: Every hour from 12:30 to 19:30
The duration is approximately 1 hour.

How To Get There?

You can get to Dialogue in the Silence by metro, getting off at the Gayrettepe station. It is located in the first underground floor of the metro station.

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Important Information

Dialogue in the Silence doesn’t require a reservation in advance. Just present your digital Pass at the ticketing counter to get access.

For security reasons, children under the age of 7 are not allowed in by the venue.

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All About Dialogue in the Silence Experience

History of the Dialogue in the Silence

Dialogue in the Silence was focused on silent communication when it was made in the beginning. It was presented firstly in 1998 in Frankfurt. In 2003, the new concept was introduced in Paris and 2006 in Israel. In 2014, Dialogue in the Silence became the second permanent exhibition in Hamburg.

In 2015, Dialogue in the Silence became a permanent exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. Since that day, it has become one of the best places to visit in Istanbul. Dialogue in the Silence is currently presented in Germany, Israel, and Turkey as a permanent interactive exhibition. Dialogue in the Silence has been visited by more than one million people all around the world so far.

The Exhibition Program

As a performing exhibition, Dialogue in the Silence invites visitors into a world of silence. Different forms of expression are used, and language must be visible to be understood. Hearing-impaired guides lead visitors through the exhibit, which is entirely soundproof.

Visitors, who can hear, discover their repertory of non-verbal means of expression to communicate creatively. This creativity happens through gestures and body language. Hearing-impaired people help and support visitors through the session since they are more competent due to their condition. These experienced guides become ambassadors of a world with no sounds, which is by no means poorer - just different in a good way. Dialogue in the silence, dialogue in silence, dialogue in the silence Istanbul, dialogue in Silence ticket.

The exhibition has a series of rooms dedicated to different aspects of non-verbal communication. All the walls are covered with a special fabric that absorbs sound in the best possible way while providing a monochrome background. The visitors' audio concentration is not distracted by anything. So they can focus entirely on the visual experience and the means of communication. Each room has a name that indicates the activity it hosts. In each room, the scenario is divided into several short stages, creating a sense of progression:

  • Invitation to Silence - Enter the world of silence.
  • Dance of Hands - Focus on the hands and their expressiveness.
  • Gallery of Faces - Work on facial expressions and how to decode them.
  • Play of Signs - Introduction to the language of signs
  • Forum of Figures - Learn about the body's ability to express itself through posture and movement.
  • Dialogue Room - A dialogue between visitors and the facilitator with the assistance of an interpreter

In the first five rooms, you should wear headphones continuously. You are invited to resort to verbal language in the last room to engage in intensive dialogue with the tour guide.

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Dialogue in the Silence Experience Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Possible to Enter the Exhibition with Electronic Devices?

The exhibition needs a sound-insulated environment. So, any electronic device that can make a sound, watches, jewelleries, phones etc., are not allowed to be brought in. In addition, earrings are not recommended as you will wear earplugs.

Is There a Safe Place Where I Can Keep My Belongings During the Exhibition?

You will be allocated a locker free of charge, where you can put your wallets, glasses, bags, lighters, and all other personal belongings—no need to worry about those items that may make noise during the experience.

How Much Should I Pay for the Entrance Fee?

You don’t need to pay for tickets with the Istanbul Tourist Pass. Just use your pass and have this different experience without waiting in ticket lines or having to purchase a seperate ticket.

How Many People Can Attend a Session?

Visitors will be greeted by a guide and assisted to enter the exhibition. A maximum of 3 people can enter at the same time. Groups of people not knowing each other are not able to join.

How Long Will the Session Last?

Your experience in the Dialogue in the Silence will take approximately 1 hour.

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